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Choosing a good blog URL is really important task! People will get to your blog by either clicking a link or typing your URL into their browser’s address bar, so you need to have a catchy URL that people will remember.

When you first start building traffic most of your visitors will get to your blog by clicking a link. However, over time when people get hooked on your content they will type your URL into the address bar and you want it to be easy.

Here are some tips for how to choose a good blog URL.

Make It Easy To Pronounce

A good blog URL should be easy to pronounce. When people get hooked on your content and tell their friends about it you don’t want there to be any confusion.

For example, is an easy URL for people to pronounce. Here are some examples of URLs that are not easy to say:

  • (How many G’s is that?)
  • (Blog Lessons? Something else?)
  • (Huh?)

See what I mean? is much easier to pronounce than the URLs listed above.

The first step to choosing a good blog URL is to make it easy to pronounce.

Make It Easy To Remember

A good blog URL should be easy to remember. Again, when you tell people about your blog you don’t want them to forget how to get to it.

A URL that is easy to remember has the following traits:

  • It is easy to pronounce
  • It is short and to the point
  • It is not too short that it’s confusing
  • It describes what you will find on the website

Let’s look at each of these traits in more detail.

Easy to pronounce

We already talked about this, but another benefit of having a URL that is easy to pronounce is that it is easier to remember.

Ask 5 people if the your URL ideas are easy to pronounce.

Short and to the point

A URL that is short and to the point is easy to remember. Is it easier to remember or

If your URL is more than 15 characters long, it’s not short enough.

Not so short it becomes confusing

BurritoChef.comĀ is a better domain name than, but would be too short and confusing.

Remove as many unnecessary words as possible from your URL then ask 5 people if your URL is confusing. If they find it confusing, try again.

Describes the blog content explains that the content of this blog is tutorials about how to build a blog. kind of describes what could be on that website, but doesn’t do as good a job. What kind of blog stuff does it have? Themes? Tutorials? Free Images?

Ask 5 people what they think the blog at your potential URL is about. If they get it wrong, try again.

Avoid Hyphens, Underscores, and Numbers

A good blog URL avoids using hyphens (-), underscores (_), and numbers. These three characters make it more difficult to spell and remember your blog URL so don’t use them.

Numbers make a blog URL really hard to remember and spell. If I told you that my blog’s URL was, would you know how to spell it? Would you spell “2nd” with the number two or would you spell out “second”? Maybe I also have a lot of blogs, so would you remember that it’s my second, or would you forget and think it’s my third?

Don’t even consider ideas for a blog URL that have hyphens, underscores, or numbers in them.

Try to Only Use .com

There are a lot of extensions your URL can end with, like .org .net .blog .biz .info and so on. Even today .com is the most common so you should try to only use .com for your blog URL.

If I told you my blog’s URL was and you tried to remember it a week later would you be able to? You would probably try .com first and then give up when it wasn’t there.

And if I told you my blog URL was wouldn’t you think it was a bit spammy? I almost never click URLs for websites that are .info or .biz.

Since there are a lot of websites online these days, many URLs ending with .com might already be taken. In this case you might need to come up with a new idea for your blog URL.

Try to only end your blog URL with .com so it is easier to remember and looks more legitimate.

Come Up With Something Original

When you are choosing your blog URL, try to come up with something original. There is already an online bookstore called Amazon so don’t name your blog

If you told someone your blog URL was they would likely go to instead. Even worse, might be able to sue you for infringing on their business name.

Tip: Come up with a URL that is not too similar to someone else’s URL.

Choose Your Blog URL

Now that you know how to choose a good blog URL it’s time for you to go do it! Come up with a bunch of ideas for your blog URL and make sure that they:

  • are easy to pronounce
  • are easy to spell
  • are easy to remember
  • do not use hyphens, underscores, or numbers
  • end with .com
  • are not too similar to someone else’s URL

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to have a simple, memorable blog URL so people can type it into their browser with ease. After reading this post you should have a framework for understanding what makes a good blog URL. The next step is to go buy one, so when you get that done be sure to let me know what your new URL is!