What Make a Good Web Host?

When you sign up for paid web hosting there are a handful of things you should look for in a good web host. Let’s take a look at the most important attributes of a good web host.


How much does the web hosting cost? If you’re hosting a blog you should be paying somewhere around $10 per month. If someone is offering web hosting for under $5/month, it’s probably a bad deal. Sometimes you can get a great deal when good web hosting companies offer promotional pricing.

A good web host costs around $10/month.


A database is a program that stores information and lets you find it very quickly. WordPress needs a database to work because that’s where all your blog posts get saved. When paying for shared hosting you shouldn’t be responsible to install or maintain the database; a good web host should take care of all the hard parts for you.

Good web hosts allow you to create an unlimited number databases.


Storage is a measure of how much stuff you can put on the server. This includes WordPress, blog images, blog posts, and any other files you might need for your blog. You’re probably going to be writing a lot and storing a ton of files, so you’ll need a lot of storage.

Good web hosts offer unlimited storage.


Bandwidth measures how much data gets transferred from the web server to a web browser. When you go to https://www.myblogtutor.com the web server needs to send your web browser:

  • the code to display the website (HTML)
  • the code to make the website look nice (CSS)
  • the code to make the website interactive (Javascript)
  • the images to make the content more interesting
  • The more space these files take up the more bandwidth it takes to transfer them to your web browser.

Good web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth.

Domain Hosting

When a web host talks about how many domains you can host with them, they are talking about how many different websites you can store on their servers.

Good web hosts let you host as many websites on their servers as you want.

SSL/TLS Encryption

Have you ever been to a website that starts with https://? If so, that website made use of SSL/TLS encryption. SSL/TLS encryption makes it so only the web server and the web browser know what content is being transferred.

Good web hosts offer SSL/TLS encryption for free.

(Note: the SSL /TLS encryption that is free is good enough for a blog. You wouldn’t want your bank using this free version, though!)


It’s more professional to have a custom email address instead of one from GMail or Hotmail. For example, you can email me at steve@myblogtutor.com.

Good web hosts let you set up unlimited email accounts for free.

Customer Service

This is a really important one. You want to buy web hosting from a company that offers top notch customer service. When something goes wrong (and believe me, it will) you need a team that can help you fix everything.

Good web hosts offer free customer support 24/7/365.


Dreamhost is one of many companies that provides web hosting. I’ve been using them since 2006 and they’ve been great. Since then I haven’t had many issues, but when I did they were my own doing. Every time I’ve asked them a silly question they’ve been very helpful and made sure everything got fixed quickly. I can’t say enough good things about Dreamhost.

Even better, they’re inexpensive and offer all the great things I wrote about above. Don’t believe me, though, read why PC Mag rated Dreamhost the #1 shared web hosting company:


Dreamhost Shared Hosting Plan

The Dreamhost Shared hosting plan is probably your best bet. They also offer “WordPress Hosting”, but it’s around the same price with a lot fewer goodies.

If you want to save some scratch, you can click the link below to sign up through my affiliate link. It’ll save $50 your first year and I’ll earn around $20-$30 to keep this site running. I’ve also included a non-affiliate link below too if you don’t want me to earn money, but you won’t get a discount.

And even though I’m using an affiliate link here I recommend Dreamhost to people all the time.

If you do end up using the affiliate link your first year of blogging will cost about 10 lattes at Starbucks. Anyone can afford that, so there’s no reason not to start today!

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